Òganan Dhùn Èideann - Care for Children - Support for Parents

Òganan Dhùn Eideann – Care for Children – Support for Parents

Help with Homework

Homework is an important part of a child’s education and we offer the opportunity for children to complete homework in a supervised and supportive environment.  This is on regular scheduled days of the week.

We are developing a parent/staff/child Homework Guidelines document clearly outlining expectations and we have a suitable area dedicated to this.  Distractions will be minimised as much as possible.  We also reward (age appropriate) positive good work.

We have a 20 minute window between the end of the school day to when homework begins.  During this break the children can relax, have a snack and then re-focus on their work without feeling burned out.

As with all other initiatives we would like to develop this and adopt or change a few things to fit in with parental requirements.  The ideas and support of parents would be very much appreciated.