Òganan Dhùn Èideann - Care for Children - Support for Parents

Òganan Dhùn Eideann – Care for Children – Support for Parents

Key Worker

Òganan Dhùn Èideann operates a key worker system for all children regardless of how many sessions they attend each week.  The key worker will be indentified to each parent and will take a special interest in the child’s development.

Our key worker system focuses on our staff being allocated to specific age groups and plan key experiences and activities based on the children’s interests and stage.  For example, we have a key worker specifically working with children in P5 – P7.  Our goal is to bridge a gap between home and the wraparound provision.  We plan carefully the children’s individual needs so that they are challenged, learning, having fun but always supported.  The key worker also develops knowledge of what activities the children really enjoy and learn from.

This is why we, at Òganan Dhùn Èideann, believe an age specific key worker system is so important.  We hope you agree.