Òganan Dhùn Èideann - Care for Children - Support for Parents

Òganan Dhùn Eideann – Care for Children – Support for Parents

Social Responsibility

Òganan Dhùn Èideann recognises we are part of a larger community and at the heart of this is celebrating the contribution of our staff to children, parents, Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce and the local community.  The aim is to encourage our staff and children to consider how the small things they do can make a difference to others.

Staff and children will carry out activities to help the local community – this could be anything from planting bulbs in Pilrig park to taking home baking to a local care home.  Every year we liaise with a number of community groups to develop social responsibility in our children.  If you have any ideas what our next project should be let us know at parantan@oganan.com